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  • Digital Outside Micrometer

    Digital Outside Micrometers

    The device is widely used in mechanical engineering for precisely measuring thickness of blocks, outer and inner diameters of shafts and depths of slots. It provides with carbide-tipped measuring faces aimed to prolong the durability and its workinglife and the Large LCD display for easy reading.

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  • Digital Point Micrometer

    Digital Point Micrometers

    Carbide-tipped measuring faces to prolong the abrasion resistence and its workinglife. It is an ideal instrument, with a pointed anvil, for measuring the web thickness and other hard to reach dimensions.large LCD display for reading and comparative measurement.

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  • Digital Indicator

    Digital Indicator

    The indicators can measure ranging from 0 to 50mm, with graduation of 0.002mm and 0.01mm. Large LCD display is applied for easy reading. Click left photo to check more detail for this item!

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  • Micron Digital Indicators

    Micron Digital Indicators

    The indicators with graduations of 0.001mm can measure ranging from 0 to 12.7mm, which can reach higher accuracy. Equipped with the output interface, it can do the data processing by connecting with computers and printers.

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  • Bevel Box

    Bevel Boxes digital angle measurement

    Bevel Box has an optional plastic casing with bubbles and is a mini waterproof digital protractor that provides digital readings between ±180° with a resolution of 0.1° and auto shutoff. With magnetics in the base, It is great and accurate for measuring mitre and bevel angles on metre saws and saw benchs and more.

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  • Inclinometer

    Inclinometers digital angle measurement protractor

    This instrument is a revolutionary and versatile measuring tool which incorporate angle finder, protractor and level into one, and is ideal for application in auto industry, construction industry, drilling industry and more. With a display always reading upright, it requires no special fixtures to calibrate. Its resolution is 1°

    8 Items
  • Angle Finder

    Angle Finders digital angle measurement

    The device is an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments with an revolution of 0.05°/3 ′and the functions of measuring all kinds of angles and draw lines, comparative measurement upright reading and analogue quadrant showing. Types of high accurate level bubble are easy for measuring horizontal and vertical levels. Type 431-112 can lock the moving blade at any angle.

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  • Digital Universal Bevel Protractor

    Digital Universal Bevel Protractors digital angle measurement

    This instrument, provided three measurement patterns(1*360°,2*180°,4*90°) can be attached to height gages and gage holders. Removable blade allows the device to be more easily and convenient used when measuring. Preseting function for easy easy reading.

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  • Magnetic Stands

    Magnetic Stands

    Widely used in manufacturing industry, is an ideal tool for testing. The device with a powerful ON/OFF swift magnetic base plays a complementary role in fixing other indicators. Our Anyi provides you with four different functions of stands in your favor, such as with find adjustment, with mechanical universal, with hydraulic universal and with flexible stem.

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  • Micrometer Stand

    Micrometer Stands

    With a desktop is designed to fix micrometers; especially on the conditions that micrometer is fixed while workpieces is movable. Two types are provided, general type and adjustable type.

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