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Feedback & Testimonials

The list of customer's feedback & Testimonials below may be taken as some proofs for ANYI  quality products and service:

Example 1 :

We have received your calipers and have taken a look at them. We are very much impressed by the beautiful workmanship. We have not seen such quality before from China. Your tools are as accurate as the other manufacturers and the construction is just as good, even better, than most. We will be happy to add this good information to our web site.

May I ask, are these being sold with the Anyi brand name only, or are they also being sold with other manufacturer's names such as Etalon? Can you inform me what the price and minimum order quantities would be? We are pleased to hear of a higher quality product coming from China. It has been particularly difficult with the calipers. We would welcome more information as well as the sample.

---------------------------  Rene Meyer, On Mar 15, 2006

. Long Island Indicators, New York, USA commented "Anyi digital calipers are made in Guilin, China (a picturesque landscape town in the South). Quality workmanship has arrived in China and these calipers are every bit as good as their European or Japanese equivalents. This new company started production in 2005 so it may be a while before you see these tools."  Click here for the original resource.

Example 2 :

. Mr. Zhang, Senior Engineer of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision: "Anyi's Calipers are possibly the best calipers made in China so far".

Example 3 :

. Mr. Kubovics, a distributor in Budapest, Hungary, "Your units: as you know we got in contact with you because of the large calipers, with 150 mm jaws. When we have delivered the first units to the user, they said to us: "we are very satisfied with these calipers, we never have had so good quality calipers."

Example 4:

. Purchasing department of an Aero-engine Company in China, "For this made-to-order long bridge digital depth gage, we contacted an German company, but the delivery date was 3 month after.now we got it from Anyi within one month. We tested it and it was in every bit as good as imported brand names. Plus at a great price! We are quite happy."

Example 5:

. Awesome!!!
Our calibration expert has never seen calipers like these!!! It has been 30 years since I have! And at half the price of the unacceptable ones! You got the order-we just need to get it together on this end...

At your service,

Glenn E. L. Petroski, Test Engineer

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