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Company Profile
Anyi Measuring Tool OfficeAnyi Measuring is the official site of retail products of Anyi Instrument Co. Ltd, a major original design & equipment manufacturer of precision measuring instruments in China. Located in Guilin China, Anyi was founded on July 1, 2005 by our founder Fengshan Wu, a well-known chief enginner in the industry, and certified by ISO9001 in 2006. Anyi specializes in developing and manufacturing high quality measuring instruments and custom designed measuring tools. The line of products includes but not limited to Precision Step Gauges, Gauge Blocks, Digital Calipers, Digital Micrometers, and digital depth gauges.

Mission & Founder
Our mission is to provide quality measuring insruments at affordable prices with special custom designs for our customers. Fengshan Wu, the founder of Anyi Instrument Co. Ltd, has over 55 years of experience and expertise in the measurement manufacturing industry and is highly respected by his peers.  He has held many patterns and many of which has received remarkable high regards from several large international companies.  Mr Wu is also a member of China Measuring Tools & Instruments National Standardization Committee.

With rich experience and talent in this field, Fengshan Wu and his team have made remarkable achievements in making Standard Reference measuring instruments. Precision Step Gauge, micron electronic caliper and height gauge they created are certificated to compete with international leading companies. Measuring Tool Calibration

Accurate Lab Calibration
Anyi's metrology laboratory has a series of advanced testing and calibrating equipment, such as, Carl Zeiss' Length Measuring Machine (Range 6m), LEITS_STRASMANN universal tool microscope, Taylor-Hobson profiler, Abbe comparator instrument, height masters, etc... It's Anyi's mission to create products of qualitify and affordability with capital investment in equipments and quality control.


Production on Workshop
Anyi's equipment, such as precision WEDM, high precision grinding machine, laser marking equipment, and automatic VSR equipment etc... Anyi products are manufactured by these machines & equipments authenticated by DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung).Anyi Measuring EquipmentAnyi Measuring Product Workshop





 Our Team Meet Customers Worldwide
Now Anyi Products have been sold to over 47 countries globally, including USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Denmark, and more...
Danish Clients of Anyi Measuring Tools

Anyi Measuring Tool Customer from Denmark

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