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Height Gauges

It can be used to set the exact height of your blade or bit on the table saw, router table and a host of other machines. Heavy, solid rust-prevented steel base provides maximum stability. Changes from inches to millimeters and zeroes out with the push of a button. Enjoy the rewards of precisely fitting joints and perfectly tuned machines!
  • Dual Plane Height Gage (Digital Height Gauge)

    Dual Plane Height Gage (Digital Height Gauge)

    •Range up to 600mm •No surface plate required •Measures offset components •Can be used as an ordinary digital caliper •Easy to use clear readout •Large ground face to ensure component square when being measured •0.010mm resolution (0.0005") DHG-300 and DHG-600 300mm and 600mm models supplied with dial indicator mounted

    5 Items
  • Digital Height Gauges

    Digital Height Gauges

    Carbide-tipped scriber. Can easily measure height of small workpieces. With fine adjustment . The base bottom is made of hardened stainless steel. With data hold function and tolerance presetting functions. With absolute and relative measurement functions. With data output port.

    6 Items
  • Twin-Beam Digital Height Gauges

    Twin-Beam Digital Height Gauges

    Carbide-tipped scriber Made of stainless steel, two high rigid vertical columns guarantee stable measurement.

    3 Items
  • Single-Column Digital Height Gauge with Hand Wheel

    Single-Column Digital Height Gauge with Hand Wheel

    Carbide-tipped Scriber Made of stainless steel, high rigid vertical column permits highly stable measurement Fine-adjustment carriage to feed slider finely

    3 Items
  • Twin-Beam Dial Height Gauges

    Twin-Beam Dial Height Gauges

    Easy reading dial Carbide-tipped scriber With fine adjustment wheel and lock Stainless steel beams Bottom surface of the base is hardened, ground and lapped for maximum flatness.

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