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  • Swivel Support for Step Gauge

    Swivel Support for Step Gauge

    The innovated swivel support can easily hold the step gauge from 0°,15°,30°,45°,60°,to 90°.

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  • Magnetic Stands

    Magnetic Stands

    Widely used in manufacturing industry, is an ideal tool for testing. The device with a powerful ON/OFF swift magnetic base plays a complementary role in fixing other indicators. Our Anyi provides you with four different functions of stands in your favor, such as with find adjustment, with mechanical universal, with hydraulic universal and with flexible stem.

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  • Micrometer Stand

    Micrometer Stands

    With a desktop is designed to fix micrometers; especially on the conditions that micrometer is fixed while workpieces is movable. Two types are provided, general type and adjustable type.

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