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Precision Step Gauges(Grade 1)


·Designed to calibrate CNC Machines, Machining Centers, Coordinate Measuring Machines and the like;

·For calibrating various measuring tools including calipers, height gauges and the like;

·Gauge blocks arrangement can be tailored;

·Options of stainless steel gauge blocks, and ceramic gauge blocks. The steel gauge blocks saves some money. The ceramic gauge blocks guarantees a longer life; 

Upon request, the Step Gauges (Check Masters) can be sent to National Institute of Metrology in Beijing (NIM China) for certificate (on customer's cost). NIM China is member of BIPM and signed on MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement).

Range(mm/in) Permissible Error General Step(t) Order No. Price Buy Now
0-800mm ±0.0025mm 30mm 022-1080 $4784USD
0-700mm ±0.0025mm 30mm 022-1070 $3648USD
0-600mm ±0.0018mm 30mm 022-1060 $2688USD
0-500mm ±0.0018mm 30mm 022-1050 $2344USD
0-400mm ±0.0018mm 30mm 022-1040 $1844USD
0-300mm ±0.0012mm 30mm 020-1030 $1450USD
0-1000mm ±0.0040mm 30mm 022-1100 $5600USD

Questions & Comments

  • Adam Cloninger on May 11, 2021, 7:11 pm

    I inquired about the wrong product earler. Sorry for any inconvenience. The above states "can be tailored according to customers' needs." Is the gage adjustable or do we need to state what increments we want the steps? Is there a price difference bet

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