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Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has the same reliability as vernier caliper and high protective level. It can be used in workshop, exposed to coolant , water, dust or oil. It can even be used in water for a short period of time. Absolute encoding measuring system can avoid the loss of the measurement origin when the slider is fast moved or interfered. It can also avoid the trouble of setting origin before measurement each time. The origin won't be lost even after replacing the battery. You will find it easier and more comfortable by using this caliper.
In order to facilitate your fast use of this product, and exert the greatest performance of it and extend its time to serve you, please carefully read the instructions. Please keep the instructions for future use.
• For this new patented electromagnetic induction displacement measuring system with absolute encoder, the origin need not be reset during use or after replacement of the battery. It can be used directly just like a vernier caliper. It's easy to use and of higher reliability.
• Waterproof, oilproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, protection Level IP67 (CEI 60529)
• One-button design, menu prompt, simple, convenient and easy to operate
• Manual / automatic power switch,automatic shutdown after 5 minutes without being used(Note:Some models will automatically reboot at a 16-hour shutdown when the slider is moved. )
• Low-voltage alarm, high and low temperature, and other error alarm.
• Infinite response speed, no speed error.
• ABS / INC mode and metric / inch units conversion

Technical Data

• Measuring range:0~150mm/6in   0~200mm/8in   0~300mm/12in
• Resolution:0.01mm/0.0005in
• Repeatability:0.01mm/0.0005in
• Operating Temperature:10°C~40°C
• Storage temperature:-10°C~60°C
• Relative humidity:100%
• Protective level:IP67(CEI 60529)
• Battery type: 3V lithium battery(CR2032)
• Battery life:Approx. 2000 hours

Structure diagram and the name of the main components

Note::Some models are without fine adjustment
How to use

• To load the battery:1)Rotate the battery cover counterclokwise to the unlock position (upper right drawing), then the battery cover will automatically pop up. 2)To load new battery:Put the sealing O-ring on the circular step of battery seat. In case the outer circle of the O-ring can not fit the battery seat wall (ie, the O-ring becomes smaller due to contraction),  gently stretch the O-ring a little. Put the battery into the battery seat with  "+" facing up(lower right drawing),then align the dot on the battery cover with the unlock position, put in the battery cover, press the battery cover and rotate it clockwise to the lock position.(Note:1. The O-ring is very thin and small. Be careful not to drop it when opening the battery cover. When installing the battery cover, be sure the O-ring position is correct. In order to obtain good gastightness, any dirt on the O-ring must be got rid of. In case the O-ring is seriously deformed or damaged, it's a must to replace the O-ring. 2. Replace the battery in dry environment and as quickly as possible so as to avoid water vapor entering the electronic components. )
• ABS/INC Conversion:In the ABS mode, when the lower jaws close, "0.00" is displayed, namely the absolute origin position of the digital caliper, and ABS is displayed on LCD screen. For relative measurements at any position, just press the button until INC is displayed on the LCD screen and then release the button, "0.00" is displayed in the meantime,. namely in the INC mode (relative measurement mode). On the contrary, to convert to ABS mode, just press the button until ABS is displayed on the LCD screen and then release the button. The absolute position value is displayed.
• mm/in conversion:Press the button until "mm or inch" is displayed on the LCD screen and then release the button. Mm or inch mode is obtained.
• Manual shutdown:Press the button until OFF is displayed and then release the button. It will be shutdown.
Note:Keep pressing the button,"AbS(or inc)"→"OFF" → "mm(or inch)"→"AbS(or inc)" will be displayed on the LCD screen periodically. When the needed function menu appears, release the button,it will be in the needed mode.

  • To calibrate the absolute origin position:When the external measuring faces touch, non "0.00" is displayed due to worn measuring faces, etc.. This shows the absolute origin position has been changed. Now it's necessary to calibrate the absolute origin. 1. Switch off the power and make the external measuring faces touch, then tighten the lock screw. 2. Take out the battery. 3.Keep pressing the button, load the battery(The battery cover need not be loaded. Just press the battery with a finger.)The LCD will first display"on",then after about 4seconds,  and display"Set 0". Now, release the button. The LCD now displays"0.00". It's in the normal operating mode. 4. Loosen the lock screw, move the slider back and forth several times. Make the external measuring faces touch every time and check if "0.00" is displayed. If "0.00" is not displayed, then repeat the above operation until "0.00"is displayed.

    Workpiece measurement methods:This digital caliper can measure internal dimensions (such as slots, holes, etc.), external dimensions (such as cylindrical, linear extrapolation size, etc.) and depth dimensions (such as groove depth, step height, etc.), etc.. Its measurement methods and value reading are the same as ordinary digital caliper's.


    • Avoid colliding and dropping which may cause deformation and reading errors.
    • Keep all the measuring faces and guiding faces clean.
    •If it's not used for a long time, make anti-rust treatment and keep it in the packing box .
    • The electronic components must not be exposed to chemical solvents.
    • When replacing the battery, replace the sealing O-ring in case it's deformed or damaged.
    • This digital caliper can be in the water and other liquids not deeper than 1 meter and not longer than 30 minutes.
    • Replace the battery when the low voltage icon appears.
    •When the ambient temperature is too high or too low, or the battery power is too low, there will be "Err-1" alarm. If the temperature and power are normal, "Err-1" alarm appears, it shows the caliper's failure and needs repair.
    • While measuremnet, "Err-2" alarm will appear if the measurement force is too large or the force which is perpendicular to the plane of the measuring faces causes the deformation or dislocation of the two measuring jaws. Now reduce the measurement force or eliminate the outside force. Besides, if a certain part of the slide is bent or deformed ,  "Err-2" alarm will also appear at this part. Now it needs repair.
    • Because the digital caliper adopts absolute encoding measurement system, the clearance and position between the reading head and the absolute encoder slide are strict and precise. Therefore do not dismantle any part of it in order to avoid the reading head's failure of reading the data on the absolute encoder slide.

    Malfunction Cause   Solution
    1 Water enters the electronic components due to poor gastightness 1.Battery cover isn't turned to the lock position. Turn it to the lock position
    2.The sealing O-ring is deformed. Adjust the O-ring's shape
    3.The sealing O-ring is damaged. Replace the sealing O-ring
    4.Other causes Send back for repair
    2 Incomplete  or missing LCD display 1.Water enters the electronic components Dry it. Avoid water entering(see no.1)
    2.display housing deformed Send back for repair.
    3 No LCD display 1.Flat battery Replace the battery
    2.Other causes Send back for repair

    LCD displays

    1.Low power Replace the battery
    5 The displayed values between two digits repeatedly change Poor battery contact Improve the battery seat and contact
    6 LCD displays"Err-1" 1.The temperature is lower than10°C or higher than 40°C Adjust the ambient temperature between 10°C~40°C
    2.Low power Replace the battery
    3. electronic components are damaged Send back for repair
    7 LCD displays"Err-2":Numerical disorder 1.Too large measurement force causes parts'deformation Reduce measurement force
    2.Outside force causes dislocation or deformation of the measuring jaws Eliminate the outside force.
    3.Clearance between the slider and the slide is too big Adjust the adjust screw and reduce the clearance
    4.The slide is bent Send back for repair
    5.The electronic components are damaged

     Because of the products'continuous upgrading, the instructions may be slightly different from the actual product, whichever is the actual product.

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