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How to Read a Digital Caliper

How to Read a Digital Caliper

Digital calipers are becoming more and more popular due to their easy operation, multifunctions and high resolution. They are free from parallax and visual interpolation. Some models like IP65 and IP67 can be exposed to water, coolant, dust and damp like vernier calipers.Digital calipers of smaller measuring ranges (<300mm) are usually with depth rod. Therefore, they can measure I.D, O.D, Step and Depth. At present, the most precision digital calipers in the world have been successfully manufactured by ANYI INSTRUMENT CO., LTD in China.Its resolution is 0.001mm.Its accuracy is ±0.005mm from 0-50mm, ±0.006mm 50-100mm and ±0.009mm from 100-150mm. Not like ordinary digital calipers using copper plating glass-epoxy laminate stator, this micron digital caliper uses glass stator which has very small coefficient of thermal expansion.

Parts of a digital caliper

Clean the measuring faces before taking measurement. Close the jaws and press the Zero button to set "0", then measurement can be taken. Reading can be obtained directly from the display window (as shown in the image below)

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